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      Who's who, destiny and motivation: April 2016 - Hello, My name is Andrea.

I am here to cure million people suffering of intractable Panic, Agoraphobia, Bipolar & Stress.

To be clear: These are regressive diseases turning-off life of people, depriving them of health, work, sport, making them losing day after day every actions of freedom, sociality and autonomy. If you can't, or don't want, to understand this simple fact, please kindly go away from here.

Despite other illnesses like depression Panic Disorder (for example) has near to 0% cognitive component: only unconscious/hormonals circuits in limbic/encephalic brain are involved. This is why Government's statistics say only 10% of patients find a cure through SSRI or psychotherapy.

I know fear and stress very well, because I've grown with it. It has always been by my side. I suffer of panic since I was a child, of Chronic Agoraphobia, Bipolar and PTSD since 2001. My pathology was severe and resistant to cognitive and pharmacological therapies (severe means serious disabilities/collaterals in work, mobility, health, relationships, care of my children).

This is the simple reason of why I am studing and working for a true cure.

I am a freelance researcher and author. I've worked in many social and industrial areas, with international experience of collaboration in educational and technology projects.

I have grouped and puzzled together, in some hundred pages (see “Scientific discoveries”), some of the most interesting PUBMED NCBI researches coming from many universities world wide: in sum, a small lesion amygdala (tipically < 2,0 cubic cm of tissue) is sufficient for normalization of behaviours and disruption of acute systemic stress, dissociation and panic attacks that are caused by an aberrant excessive activity in Amigdala brain pathways.

I believe in culture and modern science increasingly active in improving the quality of life.

schematic view of major brain circuits involved in fear/anxiety
(Yale University, 2002)

CeA = Central Amygdala; BLA = Baso Lateral Amygdala; PFC = PreFrontal Cortex; LH = Lateral Hypothalamus; PVN = ParaVentricular Nucleus of hypothalamus; LC = Locus Ceruleus; PAG = PeriAqueductal Gray; DMN = Dorsal Motor Nucleus of the vagus; PBN = ParaBrachial Nucleus; RPC = Reticularis Pontis Caudalis nucleus of the reticular formation; CRF = Corticotropin-Releasing Factor; NA = NorAdrenaline; BP = Blood Pressure; GLU = Glutamate; ACTH = AdrenoCorticoTropic Hormone; GABA = ß-Aminobutyric Acid; ANS = Autonomous Nervous System; NTS = Nucleus Tractus Solitarius;


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